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Requirements for the concrete surface:
  • The concrete mix should be done according to PN EN 206-1: 2003 or according to others requirements, which are specified in the documentation.
  • The thickness of concrete surface and the type of rebar must be based on the magnitude of the expected operational load
  • The concrete floor located on the ground must have a horizontal damp insulation.
  • The concrete class: min. C20/25.
  • The breaking strength of concrete (“pull off”) : min. 1,5 MPa.
  • The maturation period of concrete: min. 28 days.
  • The weight humidity of the concrete (carbide method): max. 3,5-4,5% or the relative humidity of the concrete (BS 8204) max. 75%.
  • The level of the surface anywhere on the length of patch 2m: max. deflection +/- 2mm/1m; max. ground clearance 5mm/2m.
  • The level of the surface anywhere on the length of patch 3 m (refers to decorative floors and antistatic floors) max. ground clearance 3 mm/3m.
  • The required inclination of the floor should be shaped on the concrete floor.
  • The concrete floor should be homogeneous, without scratches, cracks and cavities, dust and loose fragments must be removed
Conditions of execution of resin flooring works:
  • The resin floor coating should be made after finishing all general finishing and installations works.
  • Areas where the resin floor coating is made, must be separated and protected from general access (the access by unauthorized persons is not allowed).
  • The minimum temperature of concrete floor: +10?C.
  • The minimum air temperature in the room: + 10°C.
  • The relative humidity of the air should not exceed 70%.
  • The temperature of the surface of the floor must be higher than the temperature of the dew point about: + 3 ° C.
  • Single-phase electricity 220V 16A and three - phase 220/380V 40A and 63A.
  • Overhead lighting should be provided.
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