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park flooring

Polyurethane car park protection systems have been designed to protect the surface of new car parks and renovation the old ones. These systems are resistant to all payloads, surface abrasion, influence of weather conditions on open floors, as well as the effect of impurities such as salts and chemicals. Polyurethane car park protection systems prevent water ingress into any car parking structure (waterproof) and provide protection against corrosion. In addition, the rough structure perfectly minimizes the risk of sliding. The unique advantages of this system are damping vibrations, resistance to changes of temperature (-30 º C to +80 º C), resistance to UV, fuel and motor oil. Durability and strength goes hand in hand with aesthetic appearance. Thickness of floors of are from 1 to 4 mm. Polyurethane car park protection systems are available in several colors, which allows the identification of roads, parking places , pedestrian crossings and more.
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